append (指定一些特殊数据文件的存放位置)

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与path MS-DOS命令类似,append命令允许您打开另一个目录中的文件。



1 append 运行系统环境

2 append 语法

3 append 示例

append 运行系统环境

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows xp

Windows 2000

MS-DOS 3.2x - 6.2x

Windows ME

append 语法

APPEND Drive: Path /X /E Path:on or off
Drive: 驱动器
Path 路径
/X :on or :off 执行程序时,扩展DOS搜索路径以查找指定文件。 处理SEARCH FIRST,FIND FIRST和EXEC函数。 :ON和:OFF是MS-DOS 5.0版的新增功能。
/Path :on or :off 如果程序文件已包含路径,则:on告诉程序也要在附加目录中搜索。 默认值=:on。 注意:默认值=:on已添加到MS-DOS 5.0及更高版本中。
/E 使附加路径存储在DOS环境中并在DOS环境中搜索。
; 采用 ”;” 在一行上分隔多个Drive:path语句。

APPEND Drive: Path /X /E Path:on or off
Drive: The drive letter to be searched.
Path The path to be searched.
/X :on or :off Extends the DOS search path for specified files when executing programs. Processes SEARCH FIRST, FIND FIRST, and EXEC functions. The :ON and :OFF are new to version MS-DOS 5.0.
/Path :on or :off If path is already included for a program file, :on tells the program to also search in appended directories. Default= :on. Note: The default value of = :on was added in MS-DOS 5.0 and above.
/E Causes the appended path to be stored in the DOS environment and searched for there.
; Use ";" to separate multiple Drive:path statements on one line.

您不能在与/ X和/ E相同的命令行上使用任何路径。 :ON和:OFF选项仅在MS-DOS 5.0和更高版本中可用。 不要在Windows环境中附加;append命令可以在网络上使用。 直到DOS尝试使用搜索路径查找指定的文件,才检测到无效的驱动器规格。

You cannot use any paths on the same command line as /X and /E. The :ON and :OFF options are only available in MS-DOS 5.0 and later. Do not append within a Windows environment. The append command can be used on a network. Invalid drive specifications are not detected until DOS attempts to use the search path to find specified files.



append 示例



append c:docs;c:letters


运行此命令后,如果键入“ edit myfile.txt”并且文件不在当前目录中,则计算机将在这些附加目录中查找。


1Using append alone displays the current search path.

append c:docs;c:letters

The above command adds the docs and letters directories to the path. After running this command if you typed "edit myfile.txt" and the file was not in the current directory the computer would look in these appended directories.




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